Closed since 2017

Fickle Muses ceased publication in February 2017. The publisher plans to include work (pending authors’ permission) published in Fickle Muses 2007-2017 in a forthcoming ebook anthology. Until then, past features will remain available on this site.

Note to Contributors of Poetry and Fiction (8/15/2018): If you haven’t heard from me in the last couple of weeks with a request for permission and you would like your poetry or fiction published on Fickle Muses to be included in the forthcoming ebook anthology, please contact me at publisher {at} ficklemuses {dot} com. -Sari Krosinsky

Some functions (like the submission system) will no longer be available, and access to the site may be interrupted while changes are in progress. Contact the publisher at publisher {at} ficklemuses {dot} com.

Fickle Muses was published by Sari Krosinsky. Past editors have included (ordered roughly from most recent to earliest, according to Sari’s bad memory): Jennifer Lynn Krohn (poetry), Sherre Vernon (fiction), Jennifer Cunningham (fiction), Angela Maria Williams (poetry), Annie Olson (fiction), Maureen Seaton (poetry), Jason McCall (poetry), Katie Manning (poetry), Robin Kish (poetry and fiction), Sucheta Dasgupta (fiction), Terence Kuch (fiction), Dianne Schlies (art), and Leslie Fox (fiction).

Contributing writers and artists retain all rights to their work. Please contact the creators to request permissions.

For more background on the closure, read:

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