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Hound and Hare

By Eva Weggelaar


The air is full of falling leaves,

winter’s crows caw,

tears of fog fall from the eaves,

as the mist unveils the things you never saw.


The running hound, the hare

hand in glove

call it love

to chase, to flee with so much care


And there, where the twilight turns the shadows blue,

buried in the cold dark ground

underneath the ancient yew,

all you prayed for can be found.


So the running hound, the hare

join thought, desire, memory

to chase, to love, and see

all the things that aren’t there


Though hidden by his crow-dark windblown cloak,

the one-eyed wandering king

remembers all the words you never spoke

and knows they form the rhymes the wind will sing.


Then the resting hare, the hound

will light their lamps for you

in the shadows underneath the ancient yew

where all things can still be found


As the leaves are scattered by the wind, the record spins once more,

but this time there will be time

and you’ll have the chance to see all that you missed before.

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