Charon and Chiron were frat boys
together in college.  Few people could tell
them apart.  True, Chiron was half man,
half horse, while Charon was a god of hell
and worked weekends collecting coins
on the River Acheron.  Still, in their junior year
at the University at Oklahoma they roomed together,
and though Chiron was president
of the TKE’s, pre-med, and engaged
to the nymph Chariclo, he counted Charon
as his closest friend.  It mattered little
that Charon was stick-skinny as a corpse,
a miser with an obolus, and a foul-tempered
Mortuary Science major: they got drunk
together every Friday and Saturday night
as frat brothers, tormented new recruits
with the TKE mascot Cerberus,
and screamed together until they were hoarse
at every Sooners game.  Once they both vomited
within five minutes of each other
at an 8:00 a.m. sociology class,
and another time they hired strippers
and sent them to the chaplain’s house.
It was true that Chariclo found Charon insufferable,
but the one time she tried to say so
Chiron pointed the one frat boy’s truth:
if one of the two had to go, it was
her skinny ass out the door.