No Search Engines in Valhalla

Me and my friends are having another one
of those “Which came first:” arguments
and we finally decide to turn to Google
for the answer. As I point and click
my way to the knowledge that I need
I feel more than a little bit guilty. I know
somewhere, in some long forgotten and dusty
part of heaven, Odin is looking down on me
and scowling with his remaining eye, the eye
that he did not give up as payment to drink
from the Well of Knowledge.  I guess it took more
than a LAN line to keep the nine worlds in order
and the Frost Giants at bay. How often does he watch
us today and he reach for Gungnir,
his magical spear that never misses its mark,
when he sees the little boy misplace his library card
for the tenth time, or the high-schooler who uses
the internet for nothing more than ogling
Scandinavian models? I imagine he is sitting
in his throne, and using his infinitely expensive
wisdom to gather up whatever old magic
he can find in order to push through the barrier
between his world and ours, and throw down
as many “404” errors as he can conjure.