All of space is viewed in the past tense. There is an astronomical theory that proposes that if one created a telescope powerful enough, the telescope would be able to see far enough into space to witness the big bang, or creation of the universe.

Start here:
Lightning bolt stabs the earth;
Mother Earth opens herself to Father Sky.
Use any cosmic-sexual reference and follow
it until you find a man. You might recognize him
as a bored creature in a garden or an ape
that has learned how to talk. Either way, follow
him as he bangs rocks together to make fire
and discovers that he can bang these same rocks
against the head of his fellow man. Follow this man
as he crosses the oceans that some would name
as his birthplace; follow and watch the storms drown
him, the plagues cripple him and the droughts
starve him. Watch and wonder what keeps the man upright.

Watch man mate with woman to make more
men and more women. Watch this and learn
the origin of mathematics: multiplication, div-
ision, addition, subtraction.

Watch this man become mankind by interacting
with other men. Watch this and learn
the core of the sciences: some elements can be mixed,
other elements must not be mixed,
some elements are strong,
some elements are weak,
some elements are poisonous.

Watch this man grow taller by standing
on the backs and bones of other men.
Watch him become so tall, so proud
that one day he learns how to grab lightning
out of the sky and use that lightning to add,
subtract, multiply, and di-
vide mankind as he sees fit.
Watch the man who was born of lightning
take the lightning for his own and flood the world with light.