Waiting to Cross

Jesus sits in the garden
pen in hand, New York Times
crossword half filled in,
his mind on forty-seven down:

He likes this alone time,
this slight diversion
as events catch up with him:
the machinations of a scheming
father take time to play out.

Five across: “Well Done!”

Jesus thinks about this awhile,
scratches his chin. Four letters.
No idea.

He takes a break for a moment,
listens to the sparrows talk,
the hum of bees as they enter
and exit daffodils.

Twenty Across: Domain, nine letters.

He thinks of a thousand URLs,
how in physics a domain
is a discrete region of magnetism
in ferromagnetic material
or how in mathematics it is
the set of possible values
of the independent variable
or variables of a function.

He’ll come back to that one,
like the others. It might be a while.


He folds the page up, tucks it
under a rock for someone else to find.
Slides the pen back into his shirt pocket.

Judas arrives with the soldiers, finally.

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