Eve Realises Her Purpose
Then Becomes Catholic

Adam’s head lifts
as she sits straddled above him.
The pain in his side is her fault,
they both know this
but there is something about
what she does
that makes up for the loss,
the damage.
Tomorrow they will learn
how to chicken farm,
how to scratch out a living.
They will learn all about
the behaviour of the barnyard:
the big red hen of guilt,
the small red cock of pleasure.

“Eve Realises Her Purpose then Becomes Catholic” was previously published in Kathleen Kenny’s collection, “Firesprung” (Red Squirrel Press, 2008), http://www.redsquirrelpress.com.

Kenny’s collection, “Sex & Death,” is available at http://www.diamondtwig.co.uk. Her collection, “Goose Tales and Other Flights,” is available at http://www.koopress.co.uk.