Epic Lies

Penelope—Honey—please listen to me.
It is all due to that bitch Calypso, who
got me enslaved in her apartment in Gonzo Island.
Lost & tired, I was stalking in a park
near the all-female-dorm where
this dame and her nymph buddies live.
You have to take my word for what it’s worth
since I have no witnesses to prove how
I got myself into such a mess in the first place.

Well, she came forward and offered help which
I took because I had to. I had very little choice
but to get into her bed since the couch in her apartment
was already taken and there was no spare room where
I could sleep. It was such a torment to spend those nights
in her company: her bed was narrow, only one pillow

and I have to admit the moon was bright
through the window and the ocean was stormy
and how do I say, whatever I did I did
because I had to?