Fiction, January 2007-June 2010

As part of an overall site update and migration to a new host, the original published pages of Fickle Muses, January 2007 to June 2010, will become inactive in June 2015. The content linked from this page will accessible from category and archive pages (unless the content is removed at the creator’s request). The new pages should also be easier to find by search.

Volume 4:

6.27.2010—Rich Ives, “Mole Group”

6.6.2010—Pippa Goldschmidt, “Turning”

5.15.2010—Lo-Ann Z. Trembley, “Russelka”

4.25.2010—Terence Kuch, “Boon”

4.4.2010—Mary Sue Penn, “The Proper Tool”

2.21.2010—Jessica Gleason, “Confessions of a Decapitated Gorgon: The Medusa Story” (a play)

1.31.2010—Tom Fillion, “My Savior Floyd”

1.10.2010—Kelly Mathews, “Sanctuary in Mind”

Volume 3:

12.20.2009—Richard Bell, “The Flintlock and the Feather”

11.29.2009—K. Elizabeth Cornwell, “SHAPES: A Retelling of ‘Tam Lin'”

11.8.2009—Dani Raschel Jiménez, “Reasonably Unforseeable”

10.18.2009—David Macpherson, “Breaking Lions”

9.27.2009—David W. Landrum, “The Grave of Kokomo”

9.6.2009—Sucheta Dasgupta, “The Courtesan’s Bed”

8.16.2009—Kaitlin Phillips, “The Frost Giantess and the God of the Sea Fall in Love”

7.26.2009—Linda Ferguson, “Why I Ran From Apollo”

7.5.2009—J. Jones, “Icarus”

6.14.2009—Fran Walker, “First Love”

5.24.2009—Harry R. Campion, “Gold and Straw”

5.3.2009—Sean C. Hayden, “The Cobbler of Buttercup”

4.12.2009—Lillian Wheeler, “A Thing of Many Facets”

3.22.2009—Lisa D. Chavez, “House of the Fox Spirits”

3.1.2009—Alan Lewis, “The Gae Bolg”

2.8.2009—Michael Panush, “Puck Out of Luck”

1.18.2009—Helen Patrice, “Fair Winds”

Volume 2:

12.28.2008—Tinney S. Heath, “The Patience of Griselda”

12.7.2008—Vicki Kimmins, “The Magician”

11.16.2008—Vivien Jones, “Water Sprite”

10.26.2008—Dave Siddall, “The Wind, the Sea and the Thief”

10.5.2008—Jeanne Shannon, “Ileana”

8.24.2008—Anna Bennetts, “Shiva and Uma”

8.3.2008—Joanna Gardner, “After Vespers”

7.13.2008—Darcy Bruce, “A Four Star Spicy Curry At the Edge of the World”

6.22.2008—Margaret Hammitt-McDonald, “Elvenwood Acres”

6.1.2008—Ryan P. Standley, “Blizzard”

5.11.2008—Beth Camp, “Rusalka”

4.20.2008—S.V. Wolfland, “The Mathematical Box”

3.23.2008—Susan Hazen-Hammond, “Mudbow”

3.2.2008—Daniel Braum, “The Ghost Dance”

2.10.2008—Miriam Sagan, “Winged Victory” and “The Reader”

1.20.2008—Sam Leng, “Consulting Hermes”

Volume 1:

12.30.2007 – Nick Padron, “Papa’s Bastard Son”

12.9.2007 – Mary Rae, “Corvus The Crow: An ancient star myth”

11.18.2007 – Harry Youtt, “First Night”

10.28.2007 – Stephanie Johnson, “Thesmophoria”

10.7.2007 – Melody Mansfield, “The Rape of Persephone”

9.9.2007 – Stefan Kiesbye, “The Mill”

8.5.2007 – Elizabeth Furiga, “How Stars Came to Be”

7.8.2007 – Virginia M. Mohlere, “How it Came to Gingerbread”

6.10.2007 – Stephen Bunch, “Ad Astra”

5.20.2007 – Neil de la Flor and Maureen Seaton, “Fickle Myths”

2.4.2007 – M. M. De Voe, “From the Leaf Lore”

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