Fickle Muses Returns April 2012

UPDATE, 4/3/12 Clearly, we haven’t launched yet, but the relaunch is coming soon–before the month is out. -Sari

The long hiatus will finally come to an end April 1, when Fickle Muses resumes publishing weekly poetry and fiction features. If you desperately need a shot of mythology before then, I recommend Louise Glück’s “Vita Nova” (poetry), Marge Piercy’s “He, She and It” (novel), Neil Gaiman’s “The Sandman” (graphic novels) and, of course, previous features on Fickle Muses.

Several guest editors are continuing to read submissions in the interim. You can sign up to receive emails when Fickle Muses is updated by using the subscription form on the right. A store (or two) where you can shop for books and more by poets, writers and artists featured on Fickle Muses is in the works, and an anthology of selected works from the first five years of Fickle Muses is in the planning stages.

Questions and comments are welcome here or by email.

Thank you for reading and contributing to Fickle Muses!