Ten trillion fevered suns have drowned
———since on this island illness left me
——————quarantined. In sweat-soaked dreams

I shriek the awful plummet down:
———the sun-kissed wings that hiss upon the sea,
——————the body, a shell picked clean,

that gives in to the tidal toss and pull.
———Yes, I am Ariadne, princess become
——————anchorite, virgin become a hero’s whore,

who trembled for Theseus with a lust
———crueler than Poseidon’s curse
——————that drove my queen to fuck the bull

that made my half-brother horned
———and terrible. I made my choice,
——————threatened Daedalus with lies, dangled

words like traitor, torture, orphaned boy
———until he yielded me the thread
——————that pulled the nightmare body down.

And still you each come stumbling
———across the eons, feigning love but seeking
——————wisdom, as if once more I knew the way,

as if each sunset were not Icarus,
———as if this myth had had its run
——————and I were finally done with it.