Editor’s Note, June 9


So much goings on lately! You all may have noticed that we have once again opened up fiction submissions due to our brand-spanking new fiction editor, Annie Olson. We’ll learn more about her next week when we put out her first fiction edition. So send us your fiction, your poetry and your art. We look forward to reading all your wonderful work!

This week, we are back to poetry and what a treasure we have to offer. Paul Nelson gives us a superb poem full of fervor, deliberations and mythical journeys. I don’t even normally like long poems (short attention span? love of conciseness? who knows) but I just fell into this one and couldn’t drag my eyes away from it. You will have to read it more than once because he gives us so much and upon each reading, you’ll happily peel away the layers to reveal something new and fascinating.

So enjoy and we’ll see you next week!


Angela Maria Williams


Fickle Muses


Contributer’s Notes: Paul Nelson, Downeaster, writes now from the North Shore of O’ahu …like deep-sea trolling. Seven books, including an AWP winner. Burning the Furniture will come with Guernica Editions in early 2014. He directed CW for Ohio University for years.