In Crosswords We Recall

In crosswords we recall Gaea, Clio,

the long-named Mnemosyne (as a clue),

and even (when squeezed to two letters) Io.

(The Times, though, disallows words of just two.)


This artifice of circumstance, contrived

that we invoke some dead divinity

once worshiped (now thought never to have lived)

in festival, thought, and ceremony,


seems fair use. It’s neither swearing nor prayer,

but supplication, spurred by hint and stricture,

to parse the matrix, squiggling to fill bare

boxes with meaning, altering the picture


of given perpindiculars—as Chaos

spawned Cosmos, once, by checkering a Void.

How frequently our answer, still, is Eos,

The Dawn; how rarely is it ever God.