Perseus’ Unshielding

Your shield

is full of holes

and I can see


my friendly snakes

go through

and plant their sting


All of those things you did

to keep my love at bay


and we were in deep waters

all the way


You were lost

in your first

desire’s drop


the first time you licked

my name

between your lips


Contributor’s Notes: Veronica Pamoukaghlian was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. She is an English literature scholar and a published poet. Her Spanish poetry has won the Zapatos Rojos Love Poetry Award in Argentina, and her English language work has been featured on Prism (U.S.), Sentinel Literary Quarterly (U.K.), Arabesques Review (Algeria), The Big Times News (Puerto Rico), and The Armenian Poetry Project (New York), among many other publications. In 2011, writer Roger Ebert hailed her as “a voice that needs to be heard,” after stumbling upon a blog reflecting on a simultaneous reading of Atlas Shrugged and Catch 22, which she published on her site She is the head of Nektar Films, an established Uruguayan film production company and a member of Mensa International.