Unfathomed Promises

Prometheus I

we dared to dream of fire


we dreamed

in unison

something the world

does not think possible


defied the odds

the storms

the ghosts

that haunt us all


We dreamt

of Fire


and we could taste

the flames


before the waves

before the rain


we had a dream

we tasted it in our skin

our tongue

our hearts

that music hone

our honeyed-gold

our honeysuckle flaws


we lived

and dreamed

of Fire


stole it

off the gods


and in the endless



we burnt

our godsam songs


the silent music

our nakedness could grow

and set afire

the world

the underworld

the past

the future

and our breath


with a mere spark

of you and I


of you and I


Prometheus I

or you the flame


stolen from the gods


never returned


and after

the tight cord

of our time broke


long after sparkles gone


our fire burns on


Contributor’s Notes: Veronica Pamoukaghlian was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. She is an English literature scholar and a published poet. Her Spanish poetry has won the Zapatos Rojos Love Poetry Award in Argentina, and her English language work has been featured on Prism (U.S.), Sentinel Literary Quarterly (U.K.), Arabesques Review (Algeria), The Big Times News (Puerto Rico), and The Armenian Poetry Project (New York), among many other publications. In 2011, writer Roger Ebert hailed her as “a voice that needs to be heard,” after stumbling upon a blog reflecting on a simultaneous reading of Atlas Shrugged and Catch 22, which she published on her site thewanderlife.com. She is the head of Nektar Films, an established Uruguayan film production company and a member of Mensa International.