Persephone and Hades

You have it all wrong.

She hungered his howl & hiss.


He was a way out.

He promised to fuck her


in the places she couldn’t

bear to be touched.


Everywhere she was skin.

Everywhere she was nerve.


His anger a relief, a release for

the rage ripening in her virgin belly.


She wanted to tattoo

even his bones with her teeth.


Persephone danced in each one of his shadows,

praying with hip thrust, gyrating waist.


She burned her bra, her panties too,

urging him to rip her to


a million unnumbered pieces.

As for the pomegranate?


She did eat only six seeds—

(He needed the rest he said)


One for each burning thrust

that turned her to ash


set her finally free.


Contributor’s Notes: Paulette’s work has previously appeared in Crab Orchard Review, Provincetown Arts, and Rhino. She has published two chapbooks. Blues for a Pretty Girl is available on Amazon and Voice Lessons is available at Plan B Press. You can find her at