Scientific Findings on the Life of Australopithecus

lucy did not have
opposable toes. lucy
had socks on, and she walked
with the outside of her foot because
of the limp, a birth-defect. she was ex-
communicated because of her cartoonish
ape-like features. she had to carry
her freak-child on her back and walk
for a very long time.
lucy had long arms that dragged
dangerously near the ground, stretched
like a gumbi rag doll. lucy had
a lover for two days, who beat her
with a metal rod, the first tool—
lucy looked at the hair covering
her genitalia and wondered
what it meant to be a woman.

lucy was a hagar, carrying an ishmael
through the desert, but God did not
save lucy this time. lucy and child collapsed
with an eroding cliff, their bodies
consumed by rubble, their bones
broken into fine pieces like bread,
and all that could be found
were moments of indiscernible dust,
which could mean just about anything.


Contributor’s Notes: Meg Eden’s work has been published in various magazines, been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, and received the 2012 Henrietta Spiegel Creative Writing Award. She was a reader for the Delmarva Review. Her collections include “Your Son” (The Florence Kahn Memorial Award) and “Rotary Phones and Facebook” (Dancing Girl Press). She teaches at the University of Maryland. Check out her work at: