Xoanephoroi (Image-Bearers)

—To the Absence of a Full Play

Sophocles, though you
and Antigone survived—
at least, in your own
ways—others were not
so looked upon with blessings,
and as I read the names
of your one hundred and so
still-born children, fragments of
papyrus scrolls, I look through
my own writing and wonder
which of my poems will be
saved, if any—for how
can I, how can any of us know,
if those who come after us
will deem us great, mad, or worse—
they will deem us as unknown.


Contributor’s Notes: Meg Eden’s work has been published in various magazines, been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, and received the 2012 Henrietta Spiegel Creative Writing Award. She was a reader for the Delmarva Review. Her collections include “Your Son” (The Florence Kahn Memorial Award) and “Rotary Phones and Facebook” (Dancing Girl Press). She teaches at the University of Maryland. Check out her work at: http://artemisagain.wordpress.com/