Invitation to the Muse

Come with me. Through crazed,

Embroidered webbing of night, come.

Without your aid I am useless. I need

To gallop past lips red and hungry, dripping potions.
I move in shame and stumbling;
Give me your holy dance. Light the flagstones,

One by one, flowering in praying light.
The night is weeping worms
And you must choose my steps: a careful

Bedouin rhythm, a rippling foreign tongue.
Sing to me as Echo sang to her lover,
All bloodless skeletons and spirochetes of song.

Take me to where miracles lap at your legs,
Your feet smash the helmets of rock-solid thunder gods,
And hope spreads like a rumor of mutiny.


Contributor’s Notes: Savannah Thorne graduated from the University of Iowa, where she studied in the Writers’ Workshop. She holds cum laude Master’s degrees from De Paul University in Chicago and Norwich University in Northfield, Vermont. Her poetry has appeared in nearly two dozen literary journals such as Potpourri, The Wisconsin Review, Rhino, Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, Parabola, The Iowa Rag, and The Atlanta Review.  She has won numerous poetry prizes, including Honorable Mention for The Missouri Review’s Editor’s Prize contest and recently became managing editor for Conclave: A Journal of Character. After Hurricane Isabel hit her home in 2003,  she has lived all over the United States.