Fiction Submissions

Once, when histories were oral, we passed each other myths for the keeping of our souls.  Please send fiction that dreams with myth and legend and dances with ancient tropes.  I’m looking for you to turn us all back on ourselves: déjà-vu of an epic scale.

There is a vast field against which your stories can be set.  Whether the work brings ancient gods to the here and now, (American Gods), adds back the myth into medieval history (The Habitation of the Blessed), or grapples with a post-historical world and an invented mythology (A Canticle for Leibowitz), I want to read it.  However, if your submission doesn’t dialogue with our deep history, this rich way of being human, it will be rejected, no matter the quality of the writing.

I do, of course, expect high quality prose.  The writing can be lyrical and fractured, if your phraseology breaks like light over your fragments.  Otherwise, the words should fall away from the page, like negative space, bringing your characters and their plights to the foreground.  

I am not looking for clever plot twists; the archetypal story is all palimpsest,  written over itself so many times.  I want to invest in your characters, their desperation, their still, silent moments.   It should go without saying that hateful writing, or writing that is overtly pornographic, will be rejected outright. 

Delight me.