A Renegade of Dream

Based on a Puerto Rican Myth


In my dream:

In search for wings, a stranger offers to stretch

skin; a cloth of flesh linking my sides to my wrist;

tanning to make them stronger; a black wind

to raise my body into night; blinded eyes as payment.


To the sky I fly with outstretched skin, begging

remorse or acceptance. In fear, life flees night

resting on the lone star in the sky – just beneath

the moon’s halo. I glide to my cave, hang the ceiling,

let the blood rush to my head – dive further into dreams.


In my pride, a continuous loss of sense;

no longer being able to decipher my own shadow;

no longer to be able to hear my own voice,

or the ones of others; no longer a ground to stand

firmly on; I am a fractured whole, only within myself.