A Love Letter to Hermes

you are king
of packages, of delivery,
of humble,
of winged feet:
you never linger.

we touched,
years ago, and i have
not forgotten
your power, and how it
emanated from
your shy smile. 

i remember wondering
how something so small
so simple– the same grin   
all boys wore, to no
or little effect–
could alight a flame
in my fingertips
and toes. 

before you left
to a land
you spoke of 
with unshed wonder
(not faded since 
the beginning of time),
we shared a glass
of dionysus’s wine
and you even 
spoke of him 
with fondness.

you said you had
to go, and 
i listened.
i did. i let you go.

but i miss you,
and i don’t need
anything delivered here–
i have all of the magic
i will ever need
in my memories.