and this time

And this time
Hera leaves Zeus,
leaves him angry and fuming;
but as she walks away
she smiles, flicking her hair
behind her shoulder.
And this time,
Hera does not steal away
Lamia’s children in a sudden,
passionate jealousy.
She stands by Lamia’s side
and helps raise them,
and Lamia never looks at
another child in envy.
And this time
Hera learns to love herself,
she starts to heal the bruises
which come from men
who are heavy handed
and lack respect
for those around them.
And this time
Hera teaches Leda how to be
strong again, how to hold her
head high and look the world
directly in the eye.
And this time
Hera plants flowers with Demeter
and refuses to let her previous
jealousy stand in their way.
And this time
Hera helps Persephone recover;
holds her tight in an
embrace and rocks her slowly.
And this time
Hera understands to whom her
hatred should have been towards
how her anger and her passion
was always misdirected.
And so this time
Hera put her well-practiced wrath
in the path of her ex-husband.