Nagini by the shore

Nagini by the shore

Queen amidst the rocks,
underwater companion of the sea,
blue silk-skinned and breathless,
she crouches forward.

She descends, a serene siren,
winding in her trance-like dance
to touch a human life, break a heart,
consume another.

In the waters, icy and beholden,
the people traipse unaware,
The passengers and fisher folk miss her,
blended with the the green sapphire forest
and she retracts to her mossy home.

She steals a piece of you from the ocean floor,
Her lips redden like peppers on a sun-baked terrace,
as she sells her elixir of immortality.

The promise dismissed in haste by most,
except for one would-be king,
who shaded her from the sun-glare
to stop the heat from melting her scales.

Serpentine she seems, every Saturday,
her secret exposed to her loved one,
as she bathes in the tide pools.
Gliding on the stones,
he doesn’t know she can only stay a while.

Her lashes shut, and she’s on the go
in bird-like transformation, a missing link,
legs transforming to tail,
the crown tilting heavily against her head.