Medusa was promiscuous.
She would flutter her eyelashes
and twirl a dark curl around
her finger tips, which later men
grabbed on to when they fucked her.
Medusa loved saying yes,
but when she said ‘no’ she wasn’t believed.
So the dark eyes which had lured men in,
made them stumble in lust,
were given the power to turn
men to stone.
The hair men loved to clutch
was turned to snakes,
ready to hiss at men when they touched
without permission.
Medusa had been promiscuous.
But when her ‘no’s were taken for ‘yes’s
she was granted a defence.

Then society called her a monster,
they hated her, feared her,
challenged “heroic men” to kill her
because now her ‘no’s had power.
She had been the victim,
forced to defend herself,
but they called her the monster,
severed her head and paraded it.
The girl who had gained better protection
than keys between her fingers,
pepper sprays or rape whistles
was deemed a monster by men
who could no longer fuck her.