Fickle Muses is an online journal of poetry and fiction engaged with myth and legend. A poet or fiction writer is featured each week, with new selections posted on Sundays.

Poetry Editor

Jenn Hat and ScarfJennifer Lynn Krohn spent her childhood searching the Albuquerque libraries for fairy and folk tales that would make her parents nervous. Since then, she has earned her MFA from the University of New Mexico, and she currently teaches English at Central New Mexico Community College and Santa Fe University of Art and Design. Jennifer has published work in In the Garden of the Crow, Versus Literary Journal, Mas Tequila Review, Rose Red Review, and Gingerbread Literary Magazine.


Sari Krosinsky, publisher and founding editorSari Krosinsky writes about the mundane in mythology and the sublime (and sublimely awful) in the ordinary. Zir first full-length book, “god-chaser,” was published by CW Books. Ze co-authored a chapbook, “Yossele: a tale in poems,” with Robert Arthur Reeves. Ze received a B.A. in religious studies and M.A. in creative writing from the University of New Mexico. Ze lives in Albuquerque, N.M., with zir partner, Reeves, and cat.

Past Editors

Poetry: Angela Maria Williams, Maureen Seaton, Jason McCall, Katie Manning, Robin Kish (also fiction)

Fiction: Annie Olson, Leslie Fox, Sucheta Dasgupta, Terence Kuch

Art: Dianne Schlies