Jennifer Cunningham

Fiction Submissions

Myths and legends have long served as gateways to our understanding of morals, emotions, and the mysteries of life. They capture our wonder and open our minds to a world of possibilities. I want to see fiction that captures the wonder and magic represented by the myths and legends of old. Fiction needs to successfully integrate mythology in a way that strongly affects the characters and plot of the story. I’m not looking for the mere mention or reference to a myth, (something easily recognized and just as quickly forgotten). I want to see fiction that utilizes myths to successfully create connections throughout.

Although I expect high quality writing, I am more interested in meaningful, emotional, and complex content. I will gladly accept great fiction that deals with Greek or Norse Mythology, but since a majority of the works we receive fall into those categories, I would love to see fiction that explores less common traditions. I look at many factors while reading a story and choosing which to publish, including writing quality, subjective taste, and integration of mythology. Strongly hateful and distasteful language and content will be rejected.

I am excited to start reading your submissions.

Ceremonial Evolution

Man shifts beneath the surface,
slithering fingers along the spine,
moving the animal against his will.
Natural, painful—
The bones expand, shoving against
the bestial skin as it bubbles up,
man struggling against his cage.
The creature instinctively consumes
what he longs to become.
Visibly a beast, mentally a cannibal, he awaits change,
ritual dancing in the metallic tang of Kwakiutl blood,
mouth stained red, full of the life he devoured.
The human is invisible beneath the feathered husk.
He crinkles his smooth skin sheath,
impatient as a geode waiting for the crack
to reveal itself so he can emerge,
a triumphant gem.