Author: Julie Dapper

“All genuine art seeks the spirit.”

                     -Rudolph Steiner

I am a self-taught visual artist. My art is rooted in childhood in all its facets, and in the worlds of myth, fairy tale and literature that have inspired me from an early age. Through my art, I strive to discover visual poetry and drama through the association of images and layering of colors and media.

From childhood I have loved to draw and paint and in my early teens began covering large canvases with brightly colored scenes from Greek myths and Shakespeare. In more recent years I have embraced the freedom and adventure of mixed media and enjoy experimenting with a wide variety of techniques.

The art that moves me most is often the most apparently spontaneous and instinctive, such as children’s drawings, folk art and outsider art.

I concur with Rudolf Steiner who has said, “A painting is a soul event… what is experienced in painting – despite the imperfections of pigments – is the soul’s free moving about in the cosmos.”


“Peel back the bark.

Find my face”.


From the core

her voice


naming flowers:


“Daisy, violet

queen anne’s lace.”


(Flowers I gathered as a child.)


The flowers wrap around my tongue.

They cling beneath my fingertips.

They wade in slow steps with the dark.

They wait in fields for me to wake.


They whisper in gentle floods of grace:


“Peel back the bark.

Find my face.”