Author: Jennifer Krohn

Myths and legends are stories that we use, for better or worse, to understand who we are in the world. Please send poems that explore one’s relationship with those stories, whether it’s showing how a myth helps one better deal with the world or it exposes how a certain legend reinforces a problematic view. I’m interested in the whole spectrum of poetry from traditional formal verse to more experimental poems. The majority of poems that we receive deal with Greek or Norse myth. While I’ll continuing reading and publishing these poems, I would like to see more poems that deal with a wider array of traditions.

When selecting poems, I’ll read a poem multiple times before deciding to reject it or accept it. Many factors do affect my decision, such as how well the poem works with what has already been accepted or even my own subjective taste. If the poem doesn’t deal with myth or legend then the poem will be rejected regardless of quality. Hateful or prejudiced poems will also be rejected outright.

I look forward to your submissions!