Author: J.V. Foerster

As you get older you realize
there are things that really happen
like maybe Red Riding Hood did spend
some time in the belly of a wolf.

She was young and naïve but felt safe pinned
to the inside of the intestine near a kidney.
at first it had to hurt the biting
the chewing and the swallow,
but then the respite from responsibility
had to be nice.

I was captured once by a man
whose balls moved like an animal
in their hairy pouch all night long.
I know this because he pinned me
to his pelvis and there I stayed unable to
look up into his yellow eyes.

I was a Rapunzal looking down at her freedom
with hapless sorrowful eyes
with so little to drop for redemption.
At night the old dwarf of my crackled anger
of my fever and prayers
spun kind words out of my tears which each morning

I offered to the wolf
as penance for being still so alive.