Author: Margaret J. Middlebrooks

First born of the universe,
you stand on grate,
pillars of alabaster stone,
the alter, watching,
sand storms sweep across Cradle,
water rising.
Steel bones
faithful Serpent,
keeps you
from churning black,
that I fall into,
For new dawn.
You’ll forget-
I will scream
to deaf ear
I will gaze
at you
who else but you, love?
who else to wear Cobra’s bloody sun,
to charm frowning serpent to smile,
and bend to your will?
unite Northland with Southland,
arching back to form the bridge,
to make,
to move The Nile,
over me.
I am pulled
to black
to black
to black
(the river overflows,
like the sea)
you’ll forget me,
The first of singer of your chorus,
first prayer,
first passions
first of your harem,
you’ll forget-
and dream of the flood.