Author: Roni Weeks

Mother said
we are brothers born of the nile
basking in the sunlight shed by ra
as we danced with stars
painted along nut’s breasts
she still favored the one
cradled in her heart
hands protectively placed on your shoulders
guiding you to greatness
i was left, straggling
wandering through the dust
with jackals
golden child, horus kisses your cheek
divine sanction claimed from a false god  
One visit, you call them kin
one smile, you held their life against his
one thousand days spent in the sand
has made you a pharaoh of sheep
Seasons changed the lands
i have waged wars to empires;
construct monuments in my likeness
temples stack before gods
praying they might glimpse at me
through the shadow of your burning bush
Egypt was our home
now it is your tomb
years have brought this corpse back
haunting my palace
asking me to free your kin
am i to watch you
Slaughter my people with plagues
packaged in a wicker basket
mother once said we were brothers
the lord has hardened my heart;
i will not let you go.