Author: Shadwynn

Powerful spaciousness
casting its spell;
beneath New Mexico skies
urban tribes on rural holiday,
their annual assembly
an exploration into tie-dye nostalgia
and esoteric naivety
for the spiritually dispossessed.
Portapotties and prayer flags,
teepees and army tents,
Airstreams glimmering like tethered UFOs
while tail-wagging dogs yap
in a chorus of canine cacophony.
Nightfall.  Galactic fiber optics
glisten down from domed infinity
to flatlands and mesas,
answered back by smoldering glow-spots,
campsite communions
attracting ambling visitations
from gods disguised,
sometimes seen
through the haze of herbal sacrament.
Between cactus spines and coyotes,
tumbleweed theophanies periodically
impinge upon sun-baked brains
awestruck by pueblos
and prehistoric petroglyphs
where Four Corners
conjoin intersecting worlds…
Holy Kachina
hitchhiking on reservation roads;
blue-white storm flash
illuminates painted spirit face,
ceremonial colors
beneath weathered skin.
Berdache boy toy,
a single earring sparkling silver-turquoise,
his thick and tumbling tresses
reflecting Raven’s sheen,
bare-chested in a cotton kimono
falling free over low-riding leather,
hinting at darker shades of androgyny;
Trickster on the dance floor
evoking groin-and-grind Morrison moves
with the Doors wide open,
his gender-fuck attire
a sensual diversion
throwing psychic senses
off the strong scent of an ancient spirit
in an Albuquerque disco.
Flute-fingered enchantment
conjuring Jethro Tull
upon desert breezes;
crookbacked Kokopelli
wind-whispers to old hippies
adrift upon their sleeping bags,
eyelids night-kissed by Mary Jane,
dreaming harmonic convergences
around the camp fire
of an Anastazi Ancestor
in solitary concert.