Author: Sari Krosinsky

Sari Krosinsky is a queer autistic writer. Ze has written three books of poetry, “Courting Hunger” (2015), “A God’s Life” (2015) and “god-chaser” (CW Books 2012) and co-authored a chapbook, “Yossele: a tale in poems” (2010), with Robert Arthur Reeves. Ze published Fickle Muses, an online journal of mythic poetry, fiction and art from 2007 to 2017. Ze received a B.A. in religious studies (2003) and an M.A. in creative writing (2006) from the University of New Mexico. Ze lives in Bremerton, WA, with zir partner, Reeves.

Fickle Muses will continue publishing into early 2017, with our final date of publication on Sunday, February 12. Read this post for background on the closure.

We’ll begin contacting contributors in the coming months to request permission to include work in an ebook anthology, intended to preserve the work published on Fickle Muses in a more lasting format. Until the ebook is complete, work will remain available on this website (unless removed at the contributor’s request). Contributors can help speed the process by updating your contact information on this site (for those submitting since 2015) or contacting the publisher with a current email address.

Write a good myth!

After a 10-year run, Fickle Muses will close at the end of 2016. We will continue considering submissions in all categories through September 30 September 4. Updated 8/28: Due to a strong submission response, Fickle Muses will close our final reading period early. The last day to submit is Sunday, Sept. 4, by 11:59 p.m. GMT. We’ll also extend the publication timeline as needed to ensure that all work receives full consideration, probably into early 2017.

I began publishing Fickle Muses in January 2007, a few months after finishing a master’s degree at the University of New Mexico. I had been submitting my poetry (then evenly divided between autobiography and mythology) for a couple of years, and while I was seeing some mythological poetry in literary magazines, most were dominated by contemporary realism. When I looked for magazines specializing in mythological writing, I found only one, and that one took submissions by solicitation only. Writers of mythological fiction might find homes for their work in fantasy and related genres, but they might have a harder time if their stories carried the myth too far from more recent genre tropes.

So I decided to create a venue dedicated to mythological writing. Though the work published in Fickle Muses has not represented the plurality of mythic traditions so well as I’d intended, I hope it has inspired new ways of thinking about the traditional world views expressed in mythology and how they shape our contemporary worlds.

The same year that I began publishing Fickle Muses, I was diagnosed with major depression, which I’ve been living with in some degree since adolescence. After my current depressive episode began in 2011, it became evident that I would have to turn the editing reins over to others. I’m grateful to all the editors who’ve kept Fickle Muses alive. They and the contributing writers and artists are responsible for the most important work in publishing: the content. In recent months, however, I have found that I’m no longer able to handle even my more limited behind-the-scenes role, leading to the difficult decision to close Fickle Muses at the end of this year.

I don’t want the content to be lost. It will be preserved in some degree through the Wayback Machine, but I mean to keep as much of it as possible available in a more reader-friendly format as well. I’ll begin contacting contributors later in the year about plans for preservation. Most of the site will remain available until June 2017.

Though it’s sad to be closing Fickle Muses, I’m glad it’s happening at a time when there are more opportunities for publishing contemporary mythic writing. I’ve stumbled on two active publications that specialize in it, Parabola and Mythology Magazine, and have seen a number of calls for myth-focused anthologies in recent years.

Thank you, dear readers, writers and artists for sharing this journey. I hope it’s been good for you, too.

A God's Life book coverOne of the new books I’m releasing may interest Fickle Muses readers, an urban fantasy verse novel called “A God’s Life.” It tells the story of an exiled spy god working at a queer video store in Washington Heights, reflecting on his past loves and wars and trying not to start any new ones. The book draws on several mythologies, mainly Zoroastrian, Hindu, Jewish, and Greek/Roman.

Print copies can be purchased through a Kickstarter campaign ending Oct. 11 for $8. “A God’s Life” will also be available as a free ebook at starting Nov. 12.

We’re all moved in to the new server, but I may be sweeping the corners a few more days. Please bear with us, and if you encounter any big bugs, contact us to let us know.

Site may be offline intermittently today through June 12

The long preparations are almost complete. Starting Sunday, June 21, Fickle Muses returns with weekly installments of mythic poetry, fiction and art.

The next submission period for poetry and art opens June 21 – August 2. Reopening of fiction submissions will be announced.

Between now and June 12, the site may sometimes be unavailable as we migrate to a new host and finalize the new site design and submission system. The changes should make it easier for readers to search and browse the archives and give contributors more control and flexibility in how their work is displayed.

We’re also searching for a new fiction editor. If you’re interested, please contact me at (official email addresses may be unavailable during the transition). Include your name, email address, a brief description of your creative work/background, and four of your favorite fiction authors with one or two sentences each explaining why their work interests you.

If your work has been published on or accepted by Fickle Muses, you should have received an email including a call for volunteers in addition to the information above. Please contact us if you did not receive this email.

Thanks to the guest editors who’ve kept things running behind the scenes while I’ve been in project overload, Fickle Muses is back tomorrow! Particularly, thank you to Art Editor Dianne Schlies and Guest Editors Jason McCall, Terence Kuch, Sucheta Dasgupta, Katie Manning, Robin Kish, and others TBA.

And thank you to our readers and contributors, whose patience I know has been tried. The wait is over tomorrow, when we find out what “Penelope Decides What to Wear to Her Funeral.”


UPDATE, 4/3/12 Clearly, we haven’t launched yet, but the relaunch is coming soon–before the month is out. -Sari

The long hiatus will finally come to an end April 1, when Fickle Muses resumes publishing weekly poetry and fiction features. If you desperately need a shot of mythology before then, I recommend Louise Glück’s “Vita Nova” (poetry), Marge Piercy’s “He, She and It” (novel), Neil Gaiman’s “The Sandman” (graphic novels) and, of course, previous features on Fickle Muses.

Several guest editors are continuing to read submissions in the interim. You can sign up to receive emails when Fickle Muses is updated by using the subscription form on the right. A store (or two) where you can shop for books and more by poets, writers and artists featured on Fickle Muses is in the works, and an anthology of selected works from the first five years of Fickle Muses is in the planning stages.

Questions and comments are welcome here or by email.

Thank you for reading and contributing to Fickle Muses!